The Experience

When you choose to live at Grow, you choose not just a home, but a new quality of life. Here you can live mindfully, knowing your footprint on the planet is lighter, and focus your time on what matters to you. Spend time with your friends, your children, enjoying the outdoors or the garden. You won’t need a car — Main Street is just minutes away from your door. And you’ll have a lot in common with your neighbors. They chose to live here too.

Quality of Life

  • Find yourself with more time to spend with your kids or with a book.
  • Look forward to the energy bill -it’s more likely a refund.
  • Spend time in the garden, but don’t worry – it’s taken care of if you travel.
  • Meander to the grocery store, the ferry, or out to dinner.
  • Get to know your neighbors, if you’d like.

One Planet Living

  • Live in a house powered entirely by solar energy
  • Ride to the farmers market on your bike
  • Grow your own organic vegetables
  • Connect with your neighbors, the community and the world
  • Live a little lighter, on the planet and on your pocketbook

Island Living

  • A safe, Island community
  • Just a 35-minute ferry-ride from downtown Seattle
  • With some of the best schools in the state
  • Restaurants, shops, theaters and a new Art Museum
  • Beaches, forest trails, and biking paths.


Welcome to a neighborhood designed with sustainability and healthy living as its guiding ideals, showing the way toward a positive future for the community and the planet.


Live in a truly intergenerational community where connections are valued and relationships nourished, where shared gardens and inviting green spaces unite neighbor with neighbor, unite you with the environment.


Experience a new way to live, simpler and more satisfying, mindful of your impact on the earth as you focus your time on those things in your life that matter most to you. Welcome to Grow Community.