the Village

The Village Homes

All homes are now SOLD OUT in the Village

Grow Community’s first neighborhood, the Village, clustered 22 single-family homes and townhomes amidst shared gardens and inviting green spaces. For-sale homes quickly sold out.

Homes to Buy in the Village


Houses are like jeans. You have to try a few on before you get the perfect fit. We’ve put all of our knowhow into four distinct types of houses, hoping one of them will be just what you are looking for.

  • Certified 5-Star Built Green
  • Open floor plans and flexible spaces
  • High quality construction materials
  • Designed to maximize light

Homes to Rent in the Village

Home ownership isn’t for everyone. But investing in a healthy and comfortable lifestyle is. You don’t have to buy a home in the neighborhood to enjoy living here.

  • Sustainable Design
  • Efficient, light-filled spaces
  • Thoughtfully designed floorplans
  • One or two-story and accessible options

Sustainable Home Features

One Planet Living

The One Planet Living® Program envisions a world in which it is easy, attractive and affordable for all of us to lead, happy, healthy lives using fewer of the earth’s resources. One Planet Living® uses ten guiding principles as a framework for building healthy, vital communities.

Solar Panels

Each house is designed to support enough photovoltaic panels to provide all the energy needed by the occupants. Choose this option and you’ll find the panels pay for themselves.

Energy efficient building envelope

With super-insulated walls and roofs’, high-quality windows, mini-split heat pumps and heat recovery ventilators, these houses will be warm and comfortable, and your energy bill, well, it might just be a check for you.

Locally sourced and renewable materials

Wherever the option existed we chose renewable and local materials. The beautiful wood siding? That comes from sustainably managed forests just 100 miles from here.