Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Grow Community offers a simpler, more intentional lifestyle where you can be mindful of your impact on the environment while focusing on what matters to you most. The nearby shops, restaurants and other amenities of Winslow town center offer convenient “5-minute living.” And with inviting gardens, parks and green spaces, Grow Community makes connections happen: neighbor to neighbor, you to the planet.

The Environment

Grow Community homes in the Village are designed in pocket neighborhoods around p-patches, generous green spaces and native landscaping. Enjoy the quiet company of woodland trees and an orchard right outside your doors in the Grove; stroll the sprawling central green that gives the Park neighborhood its name. These neighborhoods are dedicated to peaceful, inviting natural spaces. Parking is underground, reducing impervious surfaces and putting cars out of sight (where they belong).

For All Ages

The neighborhoods at Grow have intergenerational living at their heart — because a true community should be as welcoming to a 73-year-old as it is to a 3-year-old.

In our neighborhoods the Grove and the Park, more than half of the homes offer single-level living with elevator access to front entries, while the community spaces invite interaction and sharing between generations year-round. And accessibility extends beyond the neighborhood. You’re just 5 minutes from downtown amenities like shops, restaurants and theaters – even ice cream.

Community Connections

Harvest your tomatoes and take the extras next door. Read a book under a tree and find out who stops to say, “Oh, you’re gonna love the ending!” Or just take a quiet stroll down a neighborhood path and see who you bump into. Grow Community is designed to promote serendipity, the unexpected meeting, the little connections from which lifelong friendships spring. Grow a community together, and get as involved as much (or as little) as you want.

Solar Power

Grow Community is the largest solar community in Washington with every home (single-family, duplex, multi-family) powered by photovoltaics. Going solar has never been simpler. Your solar array will keep your power bill low and even put money in your pocket, just for doing your part for a cleaner planet.

One Planet Living

Our neighborhoods are designed according to One Planet principles: ultra energy-efficient homes, zero emissions and waste, sustainable materials, locally grown food, resource conservation, wildlife habitat and edible landscaping, culture, happiness and health. Add them up and you have a new way to live, mindful of your impact and focused on a positive future for yourself and your world.

A 5 Minute Lifestyle

Everything your family needs for a healthy, happy lifestyle is within easy distance of Grow Community. Local merchants and grocers, the library, fine cafes and coffee shops, theaters and museums, parks, health clinics and schools … you can reach it all without ever getting behind the wheel.  We call it the “5-minute lifestyle,” and it’s just one of the features that makes Grow such an attractive choice for homebuyers seeking a simpler, more mindful way of living.

The Right Path

Grow Community is designed to connect seamlessly with surrounding neighborhoods. Residents and neighbors alike can use the public pedestrian pathways that run across the grounds to reach nearby merchants and restaurants.