Keeping you in the loop: 5 things taking place on Grow Avenue this week

Wondering what’s happening at the construction site on Grow Avenue this week?

A lot has been happening at the Grow Community construction site this week. You may have noticed how quickly the model homes are going up and been wondering what exactly is going on along Grow Avenue. Read on for your weekly digest of Grow Community construction news and let us know in the comments if you have any questions. Here’s five things taking place at Grow right now:

  1. We’re very excited to be installing the first solar casing on the Aria (the house on the right in the panoramic picture above). The casing will eventually house the solar array which will power the Aria and provide the energy needs of the residents. With the goal of reaching net-zero carbon output by 2020, the Grow Community is the first of its kind in the United States to tackle the sustainable energy needs of a residential neighborhood of this size, which will put Bainbridge Island in the LEED  position in the national race to make energy efficient and affordable homes in a large scale project. Pun intended.  
  2. We’re finishing up the framing on all three model homes and are proud to see the homes in their current (albeit still unfinished) state. It’s much easier now to envision what Grow Avenue will look like when the homes are complete and all the landscaping is done. 
  3. The electrical systems on the Aria are almost ready for inspection, which will pave the way for sheet rocking the walls. 
  4. Roofing will be going up by the end of the week, barring any complications. 
  5. The heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is being installed in the homes. The HRV is an innovative device that was built to “provide an energy efficient way to bring fresh, filtered air into the house while exhausting stale and contaminated air.”* 
Here’s a nice colorful picture of the HRV in action. Cold, fresh air from the outside passes through the HRV’s central chamber and picks up the heat being transferred from the warm, stale air that is passing through on its way back outside. The air streams don’t cross and up to 85% of the energy from the outgoing air stream is captured. The HRV is crucial to the over all energy efficient design of the home along with the solar arrays and energy efficient appliances.
Hope you’re enjoying our weekly updates on the Grow Community construction site! Please let us know in the comments if there’s anything specific you would like us to address and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for the latest news and pictures of the Grow Community.


*HRV information, picture and quote via the Coates Design blog.


Grow Team