Grow aloha! Hawaii delegation pays a visit

black-and-white-hawaiian-flowers-clip-art-888576Grow Community was pleased recently to welcome a delegation of officials from the great state of Hawaii.

Some 55 strong, the dignitaries were here by invitation of the City of Bainbridge Island, to study communities that embrace the future through sustainability, resiliency and walkability.

On Bainbridge, they found a great example of planning and development in an island setting much like (albeit somewhat smaller in scale) than their own.

Given their focus, the trip wouldn’t have been complete without a stop at Grow Community, in the vanguard of livability strategies and the new urbanism. Visitors toured Grow’s first neighborhood, the solar-powered Village, and saw progress on the new Grove neighborhood about to open for occupancy.

The tour followed another recent, similar visit by Dutch officials – Grow Community is definitely on the map!

Thank you and aloha to our Hawaii visitors – from our island to yours.