5 Minute Lifestyle; 5 Local Food Havens Minutes From Grow Community

[The following is the first in our Five Minute Lifestyle series. Living at Grow Community makes getting rid of your car easy with all of your local amenities and transportation needs met within a quick 5 minute walk or bike ride away. Our Five Minute Lifestyle posts are dedicated to spotlighting nearby local businesses, community resources and the spectacular local attractions of Bainbridge Island and our surrounding community.]

Eating fresh and local on Bainbridge Island is as simple as stepping out your front door and taking a five minute walk to Downtown Bainbridge. Grow Community is uniquely situated for its future residents to enjoy the bounty of this beautiful islands local farms. We are a quick walk (or bike ride) away from restaurants which feature farm-to-table fare, the local grocery store which has deep ties to local Bainbridge farms and the local farmers market. Whether you’re looking to bring home the fixings for a local food feast, go out on the town or chat with the local farmers, you can be sure that your evenings meal supports the local economy and has made its way to your table from a farm only a few miles away. Read on for our selection of some of our favorite local food havens all within a 5 – 10 minute walk from Grow Community.

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1. Bainbridge Farmers Market.  Bainbridge locals gather at the Farmers Market every Saturday. Open 9 – 1PM, the farmers market is less than a 3rd of a mile from Grow Community. You will find here every local food need that your evening salad calls for and meet the local farmers that make it possible to eat healthy and local on Bainbridge Island. Location: Town Square at City Hall Park.

2. Local Harvest Restaurant. Located at 403 Madison Ave North in the Pavilion just a short walk from Grow Community, Local Harvest Restaurant is perfect for a fancy night out. From their website: “Chef Daniel has a strong partnership with local farmers and fisherman to provide the best meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables for his dishes. Local Harvest’s goal is to deliver delicious cuisine to your table using a small carbon footprint.” And how gorgeous is this salmon steak?

3. Town & CountryMarket. Located in the heart of Downtown Bainbridge, Town & Country is the local food hub. It’s not uncommon to find yourself chatting with your neighbors while you fix a salad made from local food goodness at their salad bar. From their site: “We consider our commitment to finding Northwest producers and growers whenever possible, and our commitment to environmental stewardship when choosing the products we offer.” Check out this list of some of their Northwest vendors.

4. Pegasus Coffee House. No review of local Northwest fare is complete without a nod to the local coffee house. We’re quite serious about our coffee. Haven’t you heard? Pegasus is the local favorite coffee house, which roasts its own coffee and is only a short walk from Grow Community.  You can either enjoy their ambience and call for a coffee, or take home some of their homegrown roasts and brew excellent coffee with a Miele CM 7750 coffee machine or whichever equipment you have at home! Apparently the food didn’t travel far on its way to the coffee house, either. From their site:  “Sit inside or outside on our shaded terrace for the best in local farm’s vegetables made into delicious soups, salads, panini, french fries as well as more heartier lunches and suppers.”

5. Hitchcock Restaurant. Located minutes from Grow Community in the heart of Downtown Bainbridge, Hitchcock takes the local flavor of their fare quite seriously. From their site:  “It takes a village to support a farm to table restaurant.  We love our farmer/partners, and encourage you to visit them and learn more about where our food comes from.  We are proud to buy directly from [local Bainbridge] farmers.”  Check out a list of Bainbridge farms that Hitchcock is partnered with to bring the best local ingredients from farm to table.

Do you have any suggestions for our ‘Five Minute Lifestyle’ series? Any local favorites that are just minutes from Downtown Bainbridge? Let us know in the comments or tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and we might be able to feature your ideas on our blog!

Grow Team.

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