A Community Effort

Grow Community is a new type of development, reaching for ambitious goals that have yet to come together in a residential development in our country. We know we are tackling an immense challenge. That’s why we are doing it. We aren’t doing it alone.  

We assembled a team of experts to design, create and imagine Grow Community. We also reached out to our Island Community, our Seattle friends, and dozens of volunteers and neighbors to create a vision for this project. They have not only taken this project beyond our expectations, they are enriching our lives and our experience by creating this community.

Meet our Team

Asani Development Team

Marja Preston
Lauren Haire
Greg Lotakis
Joie Olsen
Deb Henderson
Carrie Zech
Chip MacGuire


Davis Studio Architecture + Design, LLC

Cutler Anderson Architects


PHC Construction


Connect Development Group
PLACE STUDIO, Landscape Design
Adam Wheeler, Browne Engineering
John Davies, RTC
Jonathan Heller, EcoTope
Tim Goss, Landscape Architect
Greg Hartman, Architect sustainable design
Justin Davis, Connect Development
Tadashi Shiga, Evergreen Energy
Ryan Vancil, Vancil Law Offices
Anthony Rich, Architectural Photography

David Cohen, Lifestyle Photography
Scott MacGowan, Homegrown Organics
Jeff Pryde with Forest Pryde, Inc

Laura Zoerb, LZJ Interiors

meet our grow partners

One Planet Champions

Health & Happiness: Leslie Schneider
Zero Carbon: Justin Davis
Zero Waste: Marja Preston
Sustainable Transport: John Davies
Sustainable Materials: Jonathan Davis and Amanda Sturgeon
Local & Sustainable Food: Scott MacGowen
Sustainable Water: Adam Wheeler
Land Use & Wildlife: Tim Goss
Culture & Community: Jon Quitslund
Equity & Local Economy: Mercy Rome