One Planet Home Features

These 5-Star Built Green homes are comfortable to live in, simple to maintain and easy to afford. With energy-efficient design and just the right amount of windows to let in plenty of light, these homes will be warm and inviting. Built with high-quality, healthy and local materials, these homes not only look good, but they will be easy to maintain. Add solar panels and your meter will run backward - this means cost savings every year. We've done the work to design sustainable homes that make sense. In so many ways.

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Home Features

Solar panels

check Each house is designed to support enough photovoltaic panels to provide all the energy needed by the occupants. Choose this option and you'll find the panels pay for themselves.

Energy efficient building envelope

check With super-insulated walls and roofs’, high-quality windows, mini-split heat pumps and heat recovery ventilators, these houses will be warm and comfortable, and your energy bill, well, it might just be a check for you.

PVC – Free – almost*

check We are always up for a challenge so we decided to see if we could avoid all PVC materials in the Grow houses. You won’t find any PVC in the windows or the plumbing as you would in a typical house in this price range. It took some work on our part, but we figured it out. *There are still small traces of vinyl in components where alternatives are unavailable.

Locally sourced and renewable materials

check Wherever the option existed we chose renewable and local materials. The beautiful wood siding? That comes from sustainably managed forests just 100 miles from here.

Low VOC Materials

check These are healthy houses. All paints, stains and sealants are chosen because they contain little or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). So you can breathe a little easier knowing your home does too.

Energy-efficient Appliances

check High-quality, stainless steel appliances not only look good, they are fun to use. Induction cook ranges and energy efficient refrigerators significantly reduce energy use.

Low-flow Fixtures

check All of the fixtures are chosen for their water conservation ability. Water use in these houses will be significantly reduced with low flow fixtures, water efficient dishwashers and washing machines.

The One Planet Living® Framework

One Planet Living

The One Planet Living® Program envisions a world in which it is easy, attractive and affordable for all of us to lead, happy, healthy lives using fewer of the earth's resources. One Planet Living® uses ten guiding principles as a framework for building healthy, vital communities.

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