Final Phase of Grow Community coming 2022

14 New Sustainable Townhomes

Designed by Davis Studio (Architect of Grow’s first neighborhood) and Development by Green Canopy NODE.

March 2022 Update

Hello community!

Some of you have asked – why aren’t you building yet?

So, we wanted to post a brief update.

Status of project is – we are SLOWLY making progress.  Despite the good work of COBI staff, the process is much slower than we had hoped.  While we still hope to break ground soon (hopefully late spring/summer) we can’t say for certain…hence the limited updates.

Overall, the project program has not changed over the last 2 years with the exception that the slow street has been removed.  View the latest drawing set here.

For those who live in Grow currently, you will be getting a notice of the public hearing soon to take place on March 22, exact time TBD. Your support would be appreciated!

We are formulating a web-based communication plan to help keep community members up to date once construction starts.

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