Quality of Life at Grow Community

Community Spaces

community spaces

The homes at Grow are all designed in pocket neighborhoods around p-patches, generous green spaces and native landscaping. Need room to tune your bike, throw a party, or just feel like getting out of your house on a rainy day? The Community Center will provide the space you need to connect with your neighbors.

Car Share Program

Use a vehicle when you need it. Just reserve a car, grab the keys and say goodbye to your car payment. Oh, and don't worry about emissions or gas prices, the first Grow car-share vehicle is an electric Nissan Leaf. Charged by solar.

Bike Share Program

5-Minute Living at Grow means you can walk or bike to just about everything you need in town. Don't have a bike or need an extra for a friend? Grab one of the Grow bikes and head into town! We will have a number of orange town bikes for our residents to use. Just another way we make it easy to live a One Planet lifestyle at Grow.

car share

car share

Community Gardens

community gardens

Yes, you really can eat the landscaping. Stroll through the pathways on your way to school and pick berries on the way back home. Small vegetable gardens will link Grow's pocket neighborhoods. A large community garden will provide additional options for growing your own food. Gardening is optional, of course. You can grow your own veggies, or take the nearby path to the Saturday Farmer’s Market.

Grow Foundation

We envision a community foundation as an opportunity for the Grow residents to create and invest in sustainable business opportunities, such as renewable energy and to generate revenue from the shared amenities.

grow foundation

Grow Global Connections

global connections

Grow Global Connections creates opportunities for residents who would like to contribute to sustainable economic development and conservation efforts, both locally and throughout the world.