Live in a Zero Carbon Home

How does the Solar Option Work?


Energy Efficient Homes

Each of the homes at Grow Community has been designed to be extremely energy-efficient. We started with a well-constructed, highly insulated building envelope. You’ll find double-wall systems, interior and exterior insulation for R-38 walls and R-60 ceilings. The Marvin Integrity windows are double-pane, fiberglass and wood windows with a U-value that lets in light while keeping warmth in. A highly efficient ductless mini-split heat pump in combination with a Zehnder heat recovery ventilation system make these houses both comfortable and cost-effective to live in.

Taking it to Net Zero

In order to meet the One Planet goal of Zero Carbon buildings by 2020, we have created an option for each home to be powered by solar energy. With the help of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) we have modeled each home and calculated the typical energy usage for each. We then carefully designed the homes so that the roof area can support enough photovoltaic panels to offset the total power needs of the residents.

Why Choose Solar

So why would you choose to invest in solar panels if the house is already so energy-efficient? The solar choice is not only economical, it saves you money over time. And with solar on your home you will be saving between 2.5 and 3 tons of coal each year. Collectively, the Grow Community could save over 300 tons of coal each year if every homeowner chooses the solar option.

How to Choose Solar

Grow is ready to install photovoltaic panels on each home. With a solar package from BlueFrog solar, we have Washington-made panels and microinverters, with racking systems designed to fit each house. The solar package can be installed on your house during construction or anytime thereafter. The warranties for the solar panels are 25 years covered by the manufacturer.

How Can You NOT Afford This Option?

We’ve made it easy to choose the solar option because it makes financial sense. With the solar panels on your home your energy bill could be almost nothing. And with Washington-made panels and inverters, you will receive an incentive check each year of up to $5,000. This incentive helps to pay the finance cost of the system. After 7-8 years, the solar panels will be paid off and you will continue to receive power from the panels. On top of that you will receive a 30% federal tax credit of the cost of the installed system. It is so simple, you can’t choose not to do this!

Financing the Solar Option

You can purchase the solar package when you order your home, or you can choose to finance the package through one of the local banks or credit unions that offer solar financing. With a consumer loan at a rate that makes sense, you’ll be able to finance the loan payments with the incentive check each year. For more information, and detailed financial analysis on the solar option for each home, please contact the Grow Team.

The Process for Getting Solar Installed on Your Home at Grow

Solar Flow Chart

Our Solar Partners

BlueFrog Solar

Blue Frog Solar

Blue Frog Solar is the exclusive PNW distributor for next generation solar products. They provided the solar package for Grow, including Itek panels, APS Microinverters and SunModo racking systems. View their video here.

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A&R Solar

A&R Solar

A&R Solar designs and installs solar energy systems. This Seattle-based company empowers customers by helping them take their energy future into their own hands.
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