Your Grow Community Home Buyers Guide

Buying a home has never been so easy! Just follow these 5 simple steps.


Step 1 - Select a home style

Our Sales representative will guide you through the home that fits your needs. Our innovative home choices appeal to any lifestyle, whether it be two or three bedrooms, extra study space, or a rooftop deck. Your quality of life becomes first priority in a zero carbon urban neighborhood surrounded by those that value the opportunity to live mindfully, just like you.

Step 2 – Signing a Reservation Agreement, putting down a deposit

Once you decide that living at the Grow community is exactly where you want to create positive memories and a lifestyle of comfort and sustainability, we invite you to sign a reservation agreement and put down a deposit. Your deposit will be held in escrow until you sign a purchase and sale agreement. The deposit will be applied to the purchase price once a purchase and sale agreement has been signed and construction begins. The deposit is refundable and may be returned to you at any time should you decide the home purchase will not be possible.

Step 3 - Get pre-qualified for your mortgage

As construction of your home is nearing completion you may contact your preferred lender to request a pre-qualification. A letter will be sent to your Grow Community Sales representative within a few days of your application. This will start the process of getting your new home financed.

Step 4 - Sign a purchase and sale agreement, put down earnest money

To secure your new home, you will be invited to sign a purchase and sale contract provided by your Sales Representative. You will now have the peace of mind that the home is on its way to becoming yours!

Step 5 - Closing on your new home!

Your Grow Sales representative will follow the process through to closing and even coordinate a couple of visits to the site as your home is completed. You will sign the closing documents as soon as construction is complete.

Welcome Home!

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