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Setting New Standards of Efficiency

Two members of the Grow team, Dylan Sievertson (PHC) and Greg Lotakis (Asani), recently joined other builders within NEEA’s (Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance) Phase 1 of the Next Step Homes Program to discuss the future of our residential built environment. For the past year NEEA has been monitoring 12 pre-selected homes (including the Everett at Grow) from builders across the Northwest with the goal to determine new methods and specifications for high performing homes. Each of these high performing homes focused on energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, and (for some) the pursuit of Net Zero energy use.

The half day roundtable was used to share data, lessons learned, and open dialogue amongst the group of builders. The Everett was featured as a top performer and much was learned about the systems that were incorporated to make this home a leading example in home efficiency.

NEEA is getting set to begin Phase 2 of the program and Grow will again likely have another home monitored.

Click here to learn more about the Next Step Homes Program and Grows involvement.


Historic Honoring Ceremony of Government Way


On Thursday, March 20th our community came together under a sunny spring day to celebrate, remember, and share stories of some of those that came before us in the area that has become Grow Community Bainbridge. Community Organizers Karen Vargas and … [Continue reading]

Patriotism abounds at decommissioning ceremony for former military housing – Kitsap Sun

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Installation Notes: Welcome To The Net-Zero Neighborhood – Solar Power World

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Historic Honoring Ceremony – Thursday, March 20th

Model homes on Grow Avenue NW. September 26, 2012. Credit: Anthony Rich

On Thursday (March 20th) at 12.30pm a local Bainbridge community group will be joining the Grow team to honor those that lived or grew up along Government Way (John Adams) on what is now the Grow Community property.  The ceremony will be held on the … [Continue reading]

Before new development, remembering history of Bainbridge street – KITSAP SUN


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February Status at Grow Community

What's Coming Next? The first neighborhood at Grow Community will come together this summer when the rental homes are finished.  In order to keep moving toward completion of the entire community, we have been working hard to come up with a design … [Continue reading]

Grow Community is currently the largest solar powered community in Washington State!


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Photo Slideshow of the First Grow Neighborhood – Jan 2014

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BioRegional Launch a Major New Sustainable Consumption and Production Report


BioRegional, creators of the One Planet concept, have recently launched a major report about Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP).  The report is a significant NGO contribution to the UN debate on a set of sustainable development goals due to … [Continue reading]